Paint Color Testing Swatch Kit


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Paint Color Samples How-To and What You Get in a Swatch Kit
What You Get in a Swatch Kit

Purchasing a paint color sample is the easy part, right?

How to use new paint color samples, however, can be challenging. What do you paint *on*? Drywall is dusty and heavy. Foam core will warp. And all the other products sold for the purpose of testing paint color are rigid so you’re locked into seeing color on texture of the sample board – not the texture of YOUR walls.

Swatch Right™ is the best tool for paint color samples because Swatch Right™ is a grey paint-peel-and-stick color sample decal with a holder tab.

How to sample paint colors

The Swatch Kit is the answer to all your challenges painting color samples. It is all in the Swatch Kit! Everything you need to test up to three different paint colors:

  • 3 Swatch Right™ Color Sample Decals
  • 3 Work mats made from sturdy and protective poly paper
  • 3 Foam brush heads and 1 interchangeable handle so you have a fresh brush for each decal
  • 1 Square Mailing Tube for shipping. Can reuse for storage.