THE original paint-peel-and-stick color sample decal.

Watch the video and learn how to get color right using Swatch Right™ paint color sample decals.


Why Swatch Right™ works better than a white, square board:


Swatch Right™ mimics the behavior of paint film.  Swatch Right™ is a 12″ ergonomically engineered, circle-shaped, paint color sample decal. Hold the tab, paint, peel-and-stick to preview wall color. It’s fun!

“It’s completely flexible and conforms to shapes and contours – walls, ceilings, trim, corners. . . just about anywhere!  Plus, you can repaint and use the decals multiple times.”

~ Lori Sawaya, Inventor • Color Expert & Strategist

Three super-helpful-to-you things about Swatch Right™ paint color sample decal:

  1. THE COLOR! Swatch Right Grey™ is a neutral color boost that works for you to achieve color opacity faster. Especially helpful with deep or vibrant colors that require multiple coats.
  2. THE TAB! You have something to hold on to when applying paint and also some place to write the paint color sample name, number.
  3. FLEXIBLE! Lo-Tac adhesive so you can reposition it many, many times.

Q.  Why is it a CIRCLE?

A.  Because you have eyeballs, not eyesquares!

Swatch Right™ paint-peel-and-stick decals engineers prospective paint colors into focus.

Do your foveas have corners?  Nope. The fovea is the center of color vision in the eyeball – it’s where all the magic happens and the sensation of color vision spreads from there.

Our eye’s sharpest and most vividly colored vision develops when light is focused on the small dimple on the retina called the fovea centralis or macula. This area is exclusively, and most importantly more densely, cones than elsewhere on the retina. The eyeball is continuously moving and adjusting to get light to fall on the retinal region and its function is to constantly work to provide maximum visual conditions to support the eye-brain system for vision.

Swatch Right™ is ergonomically more accommodating to our physical vision system than typical square-shaped color sample boards.  There are so many things going on taxing our visual system when we are working to choose paint colors that sometimes even the smallest things can make a difference.

There is an ease and friendliness about a circle and it literally takes the edges off the physio-psychologically taxing visual gymnastics you experience when choosing wall colors.