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Transcendent Color Inspiration Mandala

Sparked by Divine Geometry, fractals, and mandalas my objective was to create a universally applicable template that neither constrained nor construed an individual’s response to color.

This is the Swatch Right™ Paint Color Sample Decal website and the reasons why I designed a circle-shaped paint color sample tool are rooted in the physio-psychological as well as the metaphysical.  Visit my other website The Land of Color where I explore all of that and more.

Every color journey must have a starting point and that point is circle-shaped Swatch Right™ and Transcendent Color Inspiration Palettes.

I’d love it if you would join me on this journey.

where do I find color inspiration

About Our Color Palettes

Helping You Define and Redefine Your Color Tolerance and Preference

Transcendent Color Inspiration

Summer 2012 – Swatch Right’s™ Color Blog new visual series is the answer to, “Where do I find color inspiration”. It strips away the pollution of external inferences about color. It’s about abstraction with a guiding center from which you and I can identify with color and color relationships.

Palettes from Real Paint Colors

You should know all of the paint colors are featured on digital Swatch Right™ decals. Unlike many other digital color inspiration resources, we only use real paint colors. The color palettes here are all built using a lot of color order system science and real paint chips.

Paint Color Info You Want and Need

The color palettes we create have to be real, really easy to use, as well as really pretty. That’s why we give you the paint brand name, color name, color number PLUS the hex codes. For digital palettes or in-real-life paint projects, we make sure you have everything you need.